A Life Expression of Existentialistic Cycle Is About A Cycle

When we talk about our love of life we have to be careful to cull our own thoughts to be less than we like in order to be about how we need to love a lot but not to envelop our love to love someone else more than they need to be loved at all since as we love we emanate our essence of our might and make our love feel loved with all of our might causing them to exude our love to everyone they meet in life and thus causing all those people they know to believe their love is that love that only you are supposed to know.

From my original writing published publicly November 24, 2010 through the framing provided by Facebook at my public page Shaw Conkling Nunn as untitled page three with a caption beneath in the album “Our Starry Face Is Never To Be A Starry Place”, and subsequently in a republishing alone as “Endless Care Carelessly Carried” while referring in the caption to the actual writing from my memories as “Our world never turns to make us feel our love is how our world turns to make us love our world at all”. This referenced version is linked from my placement for the record and as part of my migration strategy for personal publishing to make use of Google+ when Facebook locked me out of my public Page and deprived me of my constitutional rights to control my own intellectual property rights, that story at my Google+ places in different perspectives of what is due to me in terms of settlement amount and to void any further acrimony.

Our Starry Face Is Never To Be A Starry Place, Page Three, November 24, 2010  

Endless Care Carelessly Carried October 4, 2011

Our world never turns to make us feel our love is how our world turns to make us love our world at all t.pdf

Legal statement of fact about this placement of my original writing using the conveyed to me place I occupy and preserve as my own at the Google Inc. Internet addresses as they are publicly known.

I use the Apple Inc. licensed or adapted under license PDF standard from Adobe Systems Incorporated to create masters of my original writing in expression and workmanship.

1. The display of my original writing has been uncharacteristically and in a hindering of my right of free trade altered in its expression of my right to display the content as I created it and stored it by allowing anyone without my knowledge or ability to assume payment in kind for providing a value exchange defined at the time to copy the text by selecting an image area containing my original writing and then transferring the image area through a rendering process of optical character recognition performed without permission upon the photographic rendering of the writing that allows anyone to paste the now reverse engineered writing into any text editor as I did in dismay during the month of June 2013 inadvertently. I have captured and stored as legal evidence an exhibit file named “Exhibit Theft And Standards Violated Using Google Doc Viewer Of A TIFF Inside A PDF.pdf” containing the results of the copy including the defacing by improperly reproducing the words as written while this was not even allowed.

2. I have experienced a large monetary loss for unauthorized copying without permission or payment and also for the diminishing of my characteristic style in originality and substance by allowing this stored version and others written and published under U.S. laws by me and stored also at Google Inc. to be conveyed to others without permission or payment while allowing them to transfer my original art altered and defaced from my originally conceived and rendered into practice artistic expression and workmanship created solely by me causing the resulting display of the altered and now defaced work to damage my name and reputation.

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Our World Never Turns To Make Us Feel Our Love Is How Our World Turns To Make Us Love Our World At All  By Michael Nunn Stone as Shaw Conkling Nunn  November 24,  2010

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