When We Gather Intenseness We Never Dynamite Our Denseness

The serenade of sound wave is how sounds weave and wave in time models of time models that time and resonate in sound waves that weave and resonate while sound rushes away.  Michael Nunn Stone  20 August 2013

Previously this original writing was created as a stage for my migration to Google Plus profiles the google com address space after being rebuffed in my attempts to create a publishing presence at the facebook.com address Facebook websites I moved into and then placed my name over space after it appeared from the moment I began to innovate in the use of those spaces to create a document management system to contain my many published there for the first time anyone ever saw my writing from my memories of who we were the basic statement I use today to describe how death can be a process of change in life by not being allowed to completely die a facet of life in the equation of life cycles of experience I have described in my writing to equate all to the grasping of our physical universe which in a science of creation behind is a science of implementation that is behind the curve in how its own implementation created implementation curves.

When We Gather Intenseness We Never Dynamite Our Denseness

As We Become By Michael Nunn Stone as Shaw Conkling Nunn January 27 2012

Republished and cataloged here from my original placement in publishing at my google.com addresses Shaw Conkling Nunn and Michael Nunn Stone later referencing it there October 23 2012.

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