A Tail Of Screaming Children Who Grow Up Screaming And Are Not Really Aware That The World Has Adults

The coalition of the religious rightists the best way to overlay and then say it in its overlay again and again about those who are now on to how different countries keep on alert for any problems that can affect their country is how we can comprehend the movement of people whose preoccupation with science is about not actually wondering anything about science at all or how the world works to find ways to mitigate a world that vanishes one day in a solar system that has in its higher orbiting concept a built in orbital plan of being orbited to any new position in a larger stellar orbiting position causing for not having enough scientists to wonder for that small percentages of Earth like worlds that actually vanish from their orbital plan because of the prospects of other phenomenon becoming igniting as a consequence of inter dimensional shifts in physical phenomenon to accommodate how the orbital switch works outside of space and time to make each star behave each time such probabilities causing unusual coursing of material in more than one atom sheen creating friction between the dimension seams igniting before it might any larger planet in star forming formation which when it happens is observable in every minute change while the outcome of how a planet like our Earth can vanish is never really known until the change is known too and may be caused by how well Jupiter becomes a star on time and then jettisons external areas to vacuum into a new stellar place for its new star shape creating a new planetary system with about two planets on each side falling into a void of dimensional change that can be described as a funnel made in shaping how it can then pierce the material outside of the quantum divide causing the entire new planetary system to materially congeal in a process of healing the rift that is created by stationary vortices of dimension adaptations creating an entirely new quantum space and not really very near at all while the planets seized in that process change and now following different orbital plans too and are once again newly made creating a new time table to measure too made with fascinating people on top of the world who never really made the change at all being evaporated physically and then trapped in the entire ball of physically all at the time leaving nothing important about them to note unless the news channel went along still playing its song about children screaming who grow up to become adult children screaming too every day for each of the rest of the adults to have to weather every day too or know whether or not to listen at all about every one spying on each other in every way since every one always spies on everyone every day.

Michael Nunn Stone  2 September 2013

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