How Death And Travesty Are Never Really Relived Freely

The object of how we live in life is never to really grasp how death resolves the enigmas and lies since by that time no memory is allowed to grasp how pain is invested to last unless the memory is contained but not forgotten since healing in examination of causes that rely on healing to anneal and cause remedy and pause must have detail besides creating a memory of lasting worth carefully cultivated to contain the worst which has no vesting worth at all since most are dissolved to solve the equation of who they are and to restore how we became the memories of who we were but never the person we were exactly the same at all except in what is remembered and inured and then resolved into equations to solve.

The gestation of our view is how our mind works to skew the mind works too and when we have pain from traumatic injury the mind works to change the view skew too so that when we remember again the trauma is removed and never really responded to  in how we traumatically gestate the traumatic injury too. In this format the mind casing is altered by redistributing the conduit casings which are wrapped around particulately the nervous energy which in our view of formal living cells could be described as neurons inside a casing of neurons besides giving breathiness to how spacial’ness is about more than one foaming foaming once and then instantaneous living once and then twice the average meanness to grasp and hold particulate space once and thence and never twice again.

When we are inordinates the cast off is our mold of wits and when we create anew the mind energy in its fits the memories are produced by tapping in a modal of how we are the tap and the tapping breadth and then the insides of how the mind remembers how it has breathiness is how gaps are skews that model melody too and then inordinately we flow into the mind our memories that flow over time to unwind and cause breakage for the gaps and skews that inundate the chords of memory anew. Speaking locally is about never really grasping how mind has relativity and physicality and skewness and then rounding disorder that never can allow bordering the rounding disordering at all since extrapolation is about how scaling the universe in view to order requires rounding and disordering the rounding order order too.

Michael Nunn Stone   27 June 2014 PM 7

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Rather Than

When I begin the task of memorializing memories made I also begin the process of forgetting they are made until the moment is again appreciably recognized in how the surface relief as edges disclosing how the original substance is enclosing the memory I had forgotten to also send back to me which is another way of setting up one’s own shell experience to then remark one day why anyone wants to create a computer operating experience which is how I noted before in my writing from the memories before how it became we forgot who we were and now are reexperiencing all of the pain again which in this long sentence is just about how no periods are stored away when thoughts are created out of time and then forced into a smaller token of the totality of what was stored in substance and then rhythm and then time to relate in a small relief the edge that everyone can see  in relief according to how their mind is graded or grated or annealed and sealed in order to never from the memories be allowed to feel and in that concept never be able to actually recognize how memories flow to be recognized.

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