In Our Measurable Existence Our Immeasurable Quotients Became Our Gesturing Science As Scores Of Beginnings Became Our Cycles Of Experience

When we have reached the zenith of our passing we are about to become our passing too which is about how we embark on a ship to our distant shore and then begin the task of shoring up our exit to make sure we have shored up our shores.

In our indubitable endeavors to sail ahead are moments in time spread that gap the windings and then the folds grasping our holdings and in that grasping of our gapes We realized and resolved the equations for Us and in our grasps and spreads the sail ahead furled again billowing and exhausting light weigh technique along the weigh and forming conduits of time boundedness in formations elongating the tendriling that makes time voids an endless intense light beam technique spread behind a dark forming equation of light weigh beam intensity instead. This was before.

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Raveling Death In Time Corridor Materialism

When we die in our body we die in our body mime which in history has been described as the body double which is not in time.  When the body double dies the mind body shrivels inside and clasps a separate body mime which projects itself back into manifestation alteration and then beckons a higher formatting to be encouraged if the mind of the mind body has time.  When time is material it is because there is a raveling of the time which means it must keep raveling until there is no time. In instant death the largest reason most people die the entire body double is removed before and then the mime technology is removed before that and then the individual lasting through their time table is simply removed from being projected in the mind body which causes all of the frames to be stored in real time where it can be examined by others when there is time.  A reasoning human mind body is a completely separate facility of each individual lasting life and has a protocol of recognizing how to survive and then model life for that survival and then in the raveling of the time how to unravel time and then dissipate modeling and then protocoling.  In particulate analogizing materialism is living amenity and voluminous realistic realism.

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Copyright © 2014 Shaw Conkling Nunn, Michael Lee Nunn, Michael Lee Urquhart. All Rights Reserved

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