Dimensions In Rotating Spokes Knead Light Weight Intensity

Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were

What is it about a neutron star that is not really about the mass but really about how it changes space by changing and transforming its outer pace.  When it reaches the prospect of stealth it really may be actually birthing anew somewhere new too while causing itself to be a spectacle of state which is about how it never really moves directly through its outer pace redeeming matter instead in pulsations of particulate foaming foaming foaming and pouring then while moving through energizing its stew of formation where each form of energy is in different charming ways to distance and pulse in distances and pulsations of pulsations too through which  formations of foam produce a polarity in pouring too and then sincerity in transcendental models of pouring foam foaming foaming foam too under which a new state of immenseness emerges that spreads distance space inside formation of tenseness too and then sporadically rotates dimension state to form periodicity and penetration pace.

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