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Michael L. Urquhart Is Michael Nunn Stone

Writing from prose to serious and jagged edge exposés and disclosures

Studies of anything using a profiler’s advantage in analyzing and uncovering unnoticeable detail forming the event horizon of time space correlation in captures as thought provocations ¹

The science writing begun on Facebook with revenue objectives is still being consolidated within with references used to my science revealings writing from the memories of who we are at other properties I occupy too.  For my legal case developments and how all that prevents my publishing a book or books to sell see my author’s spot Michael L. Urquhart for the discussions and references to the complex civil litigation case in progress with progress in progress. Diligence in due proportion is critical for grasping the background rationale for suing for wrongful acts and then violations of civil rights and persecution of one’s marriage religion. Suing for remedy to wrongful acts is a constitutional right.

My Shaw Conkling Nunn publishing site at WordPress has published articles as well.   My writing as Shaw Conkling Nunn began using a Facebook Pages presence I have legally captured as the author in a PDF exhibit of the front page section which at the time of publishing of that the “Timeline” and then as that was originally before called the “Wall”.  See The July 23 2010 To January 11 2012 Publishing Spree .  For past writing each of the three primary writing sites provides a Writing On Top Of Posts page for indexing the reference links to each of my Google Plus posts which I describe also as “publishings “often amended with my use of appending writing in comments beneath too while turning off the convention to allow others to comment.  See the explanation for which online areas are being reproduced or referenced.  The words for Writing On Top Of Posts are still part of the URL while the page title is now My Posts By Links.

Several quick ways to find concepts from before producing in a separate window links to the page with more. becomebound  • time

¹ My original skills disclosure at my Google Plus profiles is as it was said.  A separate exhibit of each of these profiles is stored in a repository for the record and is viewed by locating the links to those. These page view captures are more illustrative of how the profile is supposed to appear at a scale that properly also shows the cover photo which contains my writing.  Any references to my name with Shaw inside of it is noting the tree node in the mother index closest to my actual birth fact which is that my mother’s father’s name is Shaw and his birth is noted in the census record by date as having been in Colorado.

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