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January 21 2018 225PM | In The Space Of Time | In this brief review too of my statements in the introduction of my original writing regarding mind trees and then for each their mind tree specific too the immediate should be relevant in review of my writing in care to address proper perspective too that each new child from a mind baby made extends the tree while the tree is growing larger which might be also taller and more branches are forming too while how similar minds as the individuals they also become in the physical form likely the same objective is about how America has collided with more than one thinking model which can also be said as one’s “way of approaching life” and then suffering through the failure to know how this works to disturb inadvertently and then on purpose how the country of the United States of America was formed and then by which people for the thinking model. Education has been specifically damaged in the United States by crossing  thinking models and then with that assuming skills are created at the college level when in fact they emanate out of the parent skill background and then for each parent too add how accumulatively the skill awareness is a building up aggregately of the recognition of the skill from memory mostly so that intuitiveness is enhanced as the aggregate swells to account for much in the parent heritage of accomplishment and then life experiences – Copyright © 2018 Shaw Conkling Nunn, Michael Lee Nunn, Michael Lee Urquhart. All rights reserved.

June 27 2017 113PM PDT | Writing About Life’s Equations | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were | A Liftoff from my May 22 2017 1120AM Reviews Of Records And Mentions | My current last to date publishing at my science writing place Restoring Mind And Resurging Time In Science Of The Mind Tree And Awareness Bubble May 22 2017 | Michael L Urquhart | Michael L. Nunn | Also writing as  Michael Nunn Stone |Also writing as  Shaw Conkling Nunn in Direct Anew and Published To View With Writing From The Memory Of Who We Once Were

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