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History has history too and before science we knew science before that too

A brief covering of my science writing.  Clicking the date or elapsed date elements appearing besides “Shared publicly” will produced a separate page with my writing in comments presumably expanded. If logged into your own Google profile you may be able to see which one of my collections has the specific publishing.  Writing is continued in comment entries. Expand within the embedded panel by clicking on the call out shape when a number appears besides.  I added a title to each selection created at the moment to further frame the subject matter moments.


Geophysical Reaction To Solar Bliss And Makeshift Graviton Massive Switch

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Membranous Massing Of Nucleons In Abyss

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Black Illumination Technique

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Driving By Air Not Allowed Without Radar In The Ears Too

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Lithium creates positive energy flow when spin is rotating the flow and when spin is spun and spun and spun a pyre is made that rotates like a sun  | from my March 29 2013 comment following this March 7 2013 in a series of readings

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Lithium is in a dimensional space of atom strain

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