Restoring Mind And Resurging Time In Science Of The Mind Tree And Awareness Bubble

The mind tree and then the science about it was disclosed and then in stages of exposing detail explained by me originally and anyone who is using this concept for personal financial gain or the gain in any way of any ongoing “charity” or strictly about religion movement in any way is infringing upon my intellectual property rights and must cease and desist immediately and be prepared for when it comes how assessment of any injury causes will require monetary payment in remedy with the smallest unit of in kind stipulated to and then approved restitution amounting to only be such material holding as motor vehicles and complete properties to live.

For centering regarding my original positioning of my original writing a mind dies and then retreats to become a secondary property aspect to any new instantiation of the mind too usually this can be characterized as memory being kept separate while those memories can include nervous system phenomenon and then stipulatory catch alls for when the physical conditions improve over time and then intra-interval space and time as time and space space and time space and time.  It is possible to conclude a comatose person has different catch alls that may not be forth coming in how or when resurging enables physical conditions to recreate physical phenomenon appropriate for proper space and time correlation for the specimen’s history of space and time correlation.  A top view of that would be required extra space and time and then in immediate outer mind space and then not in time and then would never be anyone in the physical but someone in the higher parent trees too.

A mind outside of the physical — refer to any of my prior original writing in which I may have discussed “outside of the physical” and then likely in different methods of explanation then — is created instantaneously from the same material annexing any physical conditions inherited and then superimposing then any strenuous impact oriented experience so there can be instantly or in relation to time and space correlation a proper restoration of physical conditions.  When the specimen in the physical is dying and the consciousness as a localized physical awareness is present that consciousness but without any bearing of physical correlations and not the now separated memory of consciousness and physical correlation which also contains the relocatable ingredients of parentage in the just released from physical specimen is associated in mind tree science parlance with the youngest descendant of their particular offspring table adjusted for how when the person dies they are instead in ascendancy progression which is handled differently and then the reason no attachment or association to the youngest offspring — in perspective not the youngest of the youngest or the youngest of any of any offspring directly procreated but in the variable pertaining normally gender bound and then the youngest of the procreated sons or daughters as offspring and normally but not absolutely of the same gender — and then being in fact a fact of where the consciousness is now “placed” as that might be described for “safe keeping”.  When there are no directly procreated descendants the totality of the consciousness portion leaving the model of the existence for the present specimen conditions untouched and then in a reference modal absent of ascendancy initiatives in progress as now initiated is removed from the descendancy placement after death outcome and then may be rotated to other aspects of after death procedurals which has to do with what a model for man is and then was and then has become over millions of years on this Earth…  A death is also a loose end but could be also a preferred end.  The logical in grasping how minds are dividing is how memories are dividings and then assemblages that can in assembly too while how any reference technology platform usually must come wired for providing referencing with the technology provided is also about how well architects for that planned on how that might be in every case that ever could be.

Michael Nunn Stone Writing About Life’s Equation

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The enigma of life existence is that collections weight down and cause perpetual existence

Explanations 16 May 2013

Originally the cover photo in a diagrammatical fitting for the coverage provided at the time at Michael Nunn Stone with Google Plus. This transfer and reworking becomes now a thought art dialog of presenting preserves in isolation of life explanations - Explanations 16 May 2013 By Michael Nunn Stone As Shaw Conkling Nunn Stone Copyright 2013-2017 All Rights Reserved

Originally the cover photo in a diagrammatical fitting for the coverage provided at the time at Michael Nunn Stone with Google Plus. This transfer and reworking becomes now a thought art dialog of presenting preserves in isolation of life explanations – Explanations 16 May 2013 By Michael Nunn Stone As Shaw Conkling Nunn Stone Copyright 2013-2017 All Rights Reserved

Conscientious Terms Of Valuing The Experiencing With Volume Setting By Quantity Adjusting For Deriving Experiencing Or Income
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In Genetic Winding Distinctive Equations Are Forming And Maturation In Mind Enjoinment Are Relative and Conjoining While Reasoning Capacity Caters To How Congealing In Energy Of Sentience Forms Lasting Insentience In Form And Casting

Review of peer work is always an issue of personality and trademark traits rooted in how different cultural leanings incorporate views of the world around subject to different quantum states which affect each individual as a factor of their world viewing capacity using a concept only to describe how each individual’s world view is similar to being seated inside a different glass jar too out through which the glass twitches and stitches quantum states outside into a cohesive view for the viewer’s mind to understand about what is outside subject to factors affecting how the glass jar is specie specific too. ¹

In nature is reoccurring nature too and any method of making anew any specie is always subject to views too while in quantum energy the casing outside of quantum mechanical casings of energy too must meet the stringent obligations to be observed in quantum phasing plurally phased into phasing too. Cohesion is corrected to cohesive in my republishing of my writing inserted into a comment.  ²

¹ My writing in comments following a news report seen from September 13 2013 at comment five and then at 9:49 AM. This resurfacing of a event cued provocation of my Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were while earlier instances of my writing in this subject matter appear in my gestation series particularly the case of matrimony clasping in how humans form lasting casings of energy formation concept to increase motility of mind formations.  This writing in a running writing in comment series is in regard to a news reported about grant awarded to a Vatican backed research study concerning stem cells in which the article noted inconsistent peer results and my event read suggested cultural dysfunctions were at the root of the peer study while not in any way evaluating how that might have affected the original research.  The news reporting by AFP through Yahoo! News and my appended writing were cataloged in my Shaw Conkling Nunn Yahoo! profile and then later placed for preservation purposes in my The Writing Slate By Michael Nunn Stone well before the profile features and then the catalog of all my writing in comments were deleted inappropriately by Yahoo! Inc.  See as an alternate source this one from

² My model for The Writing Slate was to incorporate further thought provocations to my republishing of my writing in comments which I pursued as a study too for how I could collate and then properly record my copyright for those writing pieces too.  To that aim this one paragraph piece is the lead-in added.

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Raveling Death In Time Corridor Materialism

When we die in our body we die in our body mime which in history has been described as the body double which is not in time.  When the body double dies the mind body shrivels inside and clasps a separate body mime which projects itself back into manifestation alteration and then beckons a higher formatting to be encouraged if the mind of the mind body has time.  When time is material it is because there is a raveling of the time which means it must keep raveling until there is no time. In instant death the largest reason most people die the entire body double is removed before and then the mime technology is removed before that and then the individual lasting through their time table is simply removed from being projected in the mind body which causes all of the frames to be stored in real time where it can be examined by others when there is time.  A reasoning human mind body is a completely separate facility of each individual lasting life and has a protocol of recognizing how to survive and then model life for that survival and then in the raveling of the time how to unravel time and then dissipate modeling and then protocoling.  In particulate analogizing materialism is living amenity and voluminous realistic realism.

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