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February 7 2016 6:48 AM | The protocoling of my writing is about making it seen in the scene and then visible too but not income producing for others relying on my original writing as their new beach head and then in that the absence of the usual which is about my own rights to preserve and then be able to derive a income model for living in life too obligating them to properly attend to that which is what all writer’s expect.  The tendency to borrow is quite contagious when those who want that can sit back with millions or billions of dollars of in intrigue how they gained that for their fortune and then direct everyone else to just steal each other’s hard efforts or ideas and then forget how each and every American for the case I stand behind does have a right to be able to be able to live in their own  country comfortably too.  The Super Bowl mentions in my other current publishings should be examined for those measures written about. Apart from that I read that about 1200 private jets would be parked in Hayward for those arriving for the Super Bowl. That is a large number if that is correct. Who are all those people? My recently published piece When We Began In Earnestness Experience Forming Properly Implemented Cadence Of Formations Formed In Formation Forming How To Be In Existence Sea | 111227014321398324168/posts/d12KjgcyzNE .

February 14 2015 1:59 AM | Explanations is a return of direction in my publishing of writing from memories or the past in which I am returning to photographs in image conversions of my writing in document format using the technique to also extract original writing able to be presented as independent canvases. | 111227014321398324168/posts/VfXsBs9u3Ws | Comments

⊂ 3 February 20 2015 11:31 AM | The Cell Phone Switch Explanation In Three Comments | My 2009 Sony Walkman cell phone display began to erratically react to my hardship of having to sleep and be exposed to the chemicals in the air all of the time in Alameda and I had to use precious cash aid from the County of Alameda to purchase a model I could afford even while that galled me for seeing so many from other countries in my job here or lounging around while being able to occupy housing and then afford to live and do nothing all it seems while I am now having to worry about how easily they spend my cash too. | Comment follows February 14 2015 1:59 AM  

⊂ 6 May 5 2015 7:16 AM | This comment is reproduced and then augmented with alternate detail and cataloged as Cross Over Detail in My Daughter Switches The ZTE Smart Phone To A Fliptop She Selects Showing Up In Alameda With A Body Guard In The Delivery | Original comment follows February 14 2015 1:59 AM  

⊂ 7 May 05 29015 10:19 AM | This comment is reproduced and then augmented with alternate detail and cataloged as Cross Over Detail in Lock Down In Alameda And Surrounding County And Keeping Californians Prisoners For Life In This Added Reporting About My Imprisoned Property Following The Theft Of My Dodge Grand Caravan SE Wrecked By Police Stalking Too and My Stolen Residence Key Before Making Me Homeless Then  | The saga of my Alameda ordeal living without my home stolen May 26 2010 and now outside without my Dodge Grand Caravan SE 1999 stolen in Gilroy after it was abused too continues unabated in a abuse context already described and so far only filed as a theft of personal property with the City of Alameda police department still pending in how it is a theft since my possession and then even access to my clothing stored as part of that is being denied and I am still sleeping on the ground when it does not rain having to stand instead all night in a desolate place for how that compares to other counties where all night places like a Safeway with a WIFI hot spot is actually open all night for use of the hot spot inside unlike in Alameda where Safeway is a lock down after midnight and then for that and the rest of Alameda County a lock down for everything at midnight and then for their shelters where I was forced to be imprisoned for about ten days why that is a prison like setting is no wonder and then how they force men to sleep buddy like so close that buddy like sounds like gay training in one large lock up cell meaning daily they are locked up so that any way to use a shelter for a transition from homelessness to something better is really what prison is like for all those imprisoned no way out and then afterwards no way to ever be allowed to be outside of locked up  and then for this being California where lock down has special meaning for all men in how their constitutional rights are locked down and denied.  If you are seeing this at the top of the comment stack only see also the previous report about the change in my use of the ZTE smart phone. | Original comment follows February 14 2015 1:59 AM 

July 7 2014 4:14 PM | My publishing of continued interest when those arriving can untangle Google’s interest  continues with this piece you may have missed

December 09 2013 9:41 | 111227014321398324168/posts/MFpBmQ6wfpt

August 2 2013 11:37 AM | Solar winds are pulsing in insistence as a globe bulges dissing respective to resistance … /111227014321398324168/posts/YmHChP2EUci

April 26 2013 10:15 AM | What is a neutron star anyway? 111227014321398324168/posts/Xz3Bh5yEb9r

April 17 2013 9:27 AM | My geophysical case in a earthquake shaking a formative formation to increase jettison forms. In our equation index are indices indexed and stacks of amounts of measures that count and when we see a 78 earthquake we also see a 184 epic centric adjustment to orbital equation amassed to sway the globe intensity in motion time to a new distant horizon of space quantum space time. It takes 184 to volume equip momentum sway formation to form properly increased need to transform equation lead to orbital persuasion which geophysical might enforces by increasing intensity of sight weight and then formatives of slay to weigh form form. Any secondary earthquake of similar magnitude and depth could be the same consideration to claim and conform. 1. Event 7.8 April 16 of 2013 2. When light is sighted delay is crescendoing and excited. 3. The crescendo nature in wave theory falls before any increasing need is approximating wave theory. 4. Intensity is brilliance and persistence cadenced in decay and resistance formed inside resistance forms insides.  5. Slay to weigh form form is resistance to velocity change over wait form 6.  Gravitational context is buoyancy and convect.  7  184 is not depth. | 111227014321398324168/posts/LticREUx24z

March 26 2013 9:43 AM | From My Memories Of Who We Are – My Assessment In Progress Today About Job Blues Existing For Many In The U.S. of A. 111227014321398324168/posts/Q6c61N854Nv

March 14 2013 10:28 AM | In the news online today from March 13 a different day the NPR news item about a study of women in which postpartum doom affects a small percentage whose child birthing rhythms require more maternal mass in the brain cranium and more cellular potential intracranial. 111227014321398324168/posts/jRW3caUCNPd

March 7 2013 6:19 PM | In this followup to my past observations about lithium after a scene in the news the title from the Wall Street Journal today suggesting the aircraft manufacturer had not considered a pyre was even possible… 111227014321398324168/posts/e8nzFnD35ow

March 4 2013 10:15 AM | A brief glance at a new worthy stance in how cherry blossoms are being reported in their dance…  This is now the reproduced with my read of the event read A Fair Of Blossom And Bleakness In Weather Prickyness of May 13 2015. 111227014321398324168/posts/gSjdVjdkibw

February 26 2013 7:59 AM | In the news today a research note we like that suggested that genes change over your life or as you go to be causative in a habit developed not liked which made sense even if the research result had mistakes made in the process of examining the blood case since much goes on that is not seen at all in how genetic mixture is a higher form of mixture as well while in our memories are schematics that dwell on ongoing phasing in quantum states of energy casings that changes everyone too without any one actually seeing how that change is affecting the stew and then all of the ingredients as well.  | The reference link is below in case you wanted to see what was said while in one’s life quest even for those changes not seen at all conception should be considered how the genes are fixed for now at all of the conception levels they would be fixed at as well. | When we create life we are always supposed to manage it too for how parents in their surrounding soups must be managing how the surrounding nature is fixture’d too.  In the case for how specie is promulgating of its changes of form the causative nature of a physical universe we see from my memories really how physical space is bounded for some while adapting their own spatial relationship with others they see also intersecting their genetic tome then causing adaptations to proceed blood is only one form of how genes can be seen to causatively infuse and diffuse adaptation to the scene while a different make up for how research examines the higher leveling involved too is required to really see how persistent any changes observed can affect the changing modality in the modulus of the genetic imprint and then the fixed set for a conception case for now a new fixturing of a new model for a specie too. |  Source  | Previously in a different observation about events reported in the news since in our past when no one published at all any mention of news that impacts might never actually be known at all. My suggestion to subscribe to or examine the advertisements for the published source referenced before Why does a meteor shower show up when a a large asteroid is passing by  | 111227014321398324168/posts/VnZHEe4A63k

February 15 2013 4:26 PM | Why does a meteor shower show up when a a large asteroid is passing by. It does not the asteroid is falling toward the planet surface as it begins the process of passing over and drops any object it has on its surface. | Previously my piece in just one piece of many parts already written about in pieces and parts How we begin to understand that creation for a time is a last stand  /111227014321398324168/posts/LGeqBqGwKd9 | Comments ⊂ 1 February 15 2013 5:09 PM | A low flying airplane does not drop off passengers by allowing them to fall out because they are locked up inside. 111227014321398324168/posts/M8jQTeA44SC

February 3 2013 4:24 PM | The statements made are always my creative play in how free speech is about how to make the correct statements to make in speech to say without a God created by a few working out the details for how you must now be punished by being nailed to a cross for punishment too. 111227014321398324168/posts/LGeqBqGwKd9

February 1 2013 2:43 PM | When I seem to remember how to remember I always have to start by seeing a memory of what I could remember to then wonder if I already knew before I knew it too... 111227014321398324168/posts/PEmJUvUbRhb

January 17 2013 2:31 PM | About use of a lithium ion battery as a source of power in a circuit under dynamic principles of atom weigh. 111227014321398324168/posts/NdQVLz3rp4u

December 29 2012 8:08 PM | When we are away we are miles and volumes too but never really anything but stuck in our juices and slew. (creative pieces links to previous creative work) – (my first comment) Thoroughness is thoroughly bred to cause us to see ourselves in dread when we forget as I noted in my writing before a centaur serves to remind us that our innate mind is stallion like before… /111227014321398324168/posts/QnBPNEZHbtN

December 16 2012 1:05 PM | When we think singularity we are never mighty in our soups and when we lose our parenting we never really understand why we never really ever stand mightily again in this brief but sad commentary about tragedy and casualty and loss again. … 111227014321398324168/posts/fXcmA2EskEX

December 4 2012 10:32 AM | A Case Of Faux Alzheimer’s In the news one day ago from a well established press of news and quests we note a case in which we have gleaned topical details about what the real case may mean. … 111227014321398324168/posts/StXFDZV1njR

November 28 2012 9:44 AM | Character Assassination With ScanSafe Blocking and Hindering Of Free Speech and Right To Seek Business Payments Online Folder (link to click to folder and document of case exhibits)  111227014321398324168/posts/jUf696hRMpK

November 12 10:15 AM | Our General Feelings About Generals That Have Feelings  111227014321398324168/posts/BTusotojhmE

October 28 2012 2:37 PM | About a USGS reported earthquake today 2012 in October on the 28.  111227014321398324168/posts/hyPnJKMRYyL

October 16 2012 10:37 AM | On the day of the evening of another lecture by the US democratic lectern we turn the page to California and their salvation desires about converting the entire nation to become a disease of compulsions about abuse by men desires and how to spend the entire budget of the United States for law enforcing a witch hunt for abusive men using a technique of business misapplied…  111227014321398324168/posts/SjYCPVis8mn

October 2, 2012 12:28 PM | Our glance at a photograph as we thought about a nuclear blast  111227014321398324168/posts/dbR3SPnR6p1

September 25 2012 12:29 PM | In our fast take today on a minimum wage case in the State of New Jersey as reported in our reference provided to appreciate how news flows from those who flow news that flows every day, our assessment of minimum wage required for that state is $12.60 not $8.50 as proposed on the basis of how true per capita return is to replenish how wage givers rob wage earners by rewarding themselves at a higher profit margin for less value provided in their advantageous position in the modeling of behavior expected in their wage earners relative to the value wage earners provide instead while minor’s rights for minimum wage garnering for adults is not replenishing orienting in that objective to be met since each family supports the subsidy net offset required to assure that children in such subsidy net offset cases are deservedly rewarded for their apprenticeship course when being paid a fixed margin less than minimum wage case while cases of exploiting in the hiring of minors is the responsibility of each parent unit legally a collective bargaining unit for their children too and are responsible for assuring hiring of their own family members is not unduly a subterfuge of undeserved profiteering or deliberate displacement of job opportunity for adult wage earners instead, while state laws remain a guiding force in reminding wage givers that excise taxes can be enacted to quell indefinitives in their proportions to relatively level their lack of Americanisms that engage the right of all to be valued for their true values overall. —- —- Previously with previously’s too  111227014321398324168/posts/GdZrLdZB4Zf | From my collection In My Technique Of Writing From The Past 2012 With appended logs I use in forward moving statements and details added | 111227014321398324168/posts/GrnP63h9wkD

September 24 2012 10:31 AM | In the news again California charity for the ends in how we speak about a state that became a feminine case of solving problems about men.  111227014321398324168/posts/GdZrLdZB4Zf

September 10 2012 5:45 PM | When we ask how it is the Internet is free we note that for Americans whose history of their own parentage successfully exhibits in their evidence three complete generations of following parents and their heritage which is enough groups of people in the United States of America and in specific cases the territories where the people involved were engaged in science and technology so that today those whose birth case incorporates what was just said are using the Internet for purposes of sharing in the wealth allowed from accessing the resources of the land which has been repurposed into a new frontier where land opportunities have not disappeared.  From the description for my document formed using Google Docs editor About how money sent is available to spend  From the folder A Few Details Of Paying For Identifying How To Save Your Life or Avoid Loss Of Property And The Wife (For Men and Women In Life)  as accessed from my 2012 revision of the About link  Pay Logistics. I told you how Calif’s creeds affects each and every you. |  From my collection In My Technique Of Writing From The Past 2012 With appended logs I use in forward moving statements and details added | 111227014321398324168/posts/P9fUbC7pHpn

August 17 2012 12:34 PM | Referring to our original comments about how it was the U.S. was directed to outsource jobs and encourage foreign intervention in the job market and financial sectors through FICA scoring and job credentials to create a cast of casts and classes of superior thought-to-be classes of superior thought-to-be’s without casualty and loss in risk assumptions about how Americans would be loss payees.  In our own case we have determined permanent dislocation in our job potential we note how job potential flows to other venues by evaporating American jobs too and in our property loss scenario when our house was seized by a Superior Court siege afforded to the financial community on the basis of ill gotten gains given to professionals catering to how well property can be seized and sold out from under Americans too we arrive at our legal case in which in our own case we are legally entitled to expect that the failure to understand that the sponsorship of foreign workers or the export of our jobs to foreign workers is a risk assumption equation of casualty and loss which leads us to our declaration of a payment due in or around a lawsuit to pursue as we are entitled to be deservedly compensated from how effectively foreign workers now occupy occupations we could occupy today in senior positions we are qualified to attain in California too. —- In our legal challenge which we know will prevail and Congress will concede in the end and create a fund to draw upon for business interests caught in this problem from afar since we do not really want to penalize businesses that are not really American in their strategic ideas about workers and all since we had already described the problems in our short commentary before about a likely presentation done in the British mother tongue when it was described how to plunder the United State of America and take all the money and jobs to the far East and then to the former iron curtain rods since under their politics they might have received great educations for free while we note the objective was never really that for them at all since when it began it was only thought to be capitalism and all. —- In our own characteristic and customary form of saying the obvious too while noting law premising is also an art form as well a sponsored foreign worker is linked by assignment of their priorities to their sponsor’s underwriting for indemnifications in the work contract for the assignment which we presume is an indemnity due for causing the loss of a job entitlement too or the complete loss of any job potential at all you are due which must be assumed when they never leave to follow them where ever they cause the bereave.  |  From my collection In My Technique Of Writing From The Past 2012 With appended logs I use in forward moving statements and details added | 111227014321398324168/posts/91usWKnsdAA

July 17 2012 5:40 PM | Travel by air is not advised for two years without recognizing how travel is used by the ears and…  111227014321398324168/posts/HauTEwtcYXa

June 30 2012 12:20 PM | This is my new original “Light Spangling”…  111227014321398324168/posts/JyaURnuips4

June 12 2012 11:08 AM | This is my new original “Our Idealistic Plainness”…  111227014321398324168/posts/CGXRzoSPhdL

June 3 2012 3:06 PM | Legal case log see my  Michael L. Urquhart May 30 2012 .  111227014321398324168/posts/2RQEBmyA3p3

June 1 2012 11:13 AM | Its concourse is to be a digestive enzyme that lacks enzymes of digestive combining…  111227014321398324168/posts/Xu39XHrqb6E

May 28 2012 10:25 AM | When we examine the photo resins of the subject person stated to have been subjugated by news reports in its indications to a bacterium “Aeromonas hydrophila” we see blood disease caused by  111227014321398324168/posts/1vNM9gi13Lj

May 11 2012 5:17 PM | This is my original “Endless Caring Carelessly Carried”  111227014321398324168/posts/e1DwEtLCmG1

March 2 2012 1:57 PM | My own life puzzle never began to be puzzling until I discovered my wife’s association with a YMCA chapter involved her conversion from…  111227014321398324168/posts/7zitY4aGDGp

February 12 2012 7:02 AM | I added a genome reference to my family tree which I also use to name and highlight a writing presence on the Web also on Facebook since 2010 and passing into oblivion choking on high school wisdom..  111227014321398324168/posts/eE8xjrH7zZ1

October 7 2011 12:01 PM | See my About  111227014321398324168/posts/SWTKKLSCDHZ

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